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Carli is known for her significant weight loss journey from 280lb. to 140lb. in 2 years, but along side that she is a true ambassador for all things to make you live healthier, better & longer, in a positive state of mind, as this is what she is truly about.

Carli’s journey to get healthy was about changing her mindset first & then the way she ate & exercised. Carli has now written about it in her new autobiography to share all the popular topics on weight loss, health, fitness & motivation to help inspire others to change their lives for the long-term.

"Half the size but twice the life" by Carli Jay

Part biography part self-help book, depicting a real-life account of one woman’s incredible weight-loss story, sharing the struggles and successes throughout the journey of losing half her body weight on her own.
Carli transformed not only herself, but her whole life, with an underlying message about going for your goals, no matter what they may be.
The book is out now worldwide and available online and in all good book stores.

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Carli’s health journey

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Carli wants to be able to help others transform their lives for the better through health and fitness, no matter how big or small the goal it can be done.

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July 30, 2020
“My goal will always be to just keep it moving!!”

Stepping back into my local PureGym on Saturday was like Christmas had come early this year!!… And after the last few months ...

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January 30, 2019
Motivation, willpower and staying on track!

Through my instagram I get a lot of questions to do with motivation, how to stay on track, what keeps me going everyday & ...

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