New Year, New Me, New Years Resolutions and all that Jazz…. But how can we really stick to it.

So it’s that time again; the start of a fresh year, when so many people decided to make the all important change in their life, usually setting goals about getting healthy or maybe it’s to start running, get fit, lose weight, build muscle, eat better, give up alcohol, drop a dress size, quit smoking…. and whatever the goal may be you want to actually achieve it this time round right?!

Don’t just jump on the band wagon of New Years Resolutions, setting them because that’s the done thing in January, set them because you actually want to, and know this is the time for you to stick to it once and for all!

Ask your self why are you doing this? Yes it may be partly for your children, or your partner etc… but ultimately you have to want to do this for yourself. You have to see the true value in wanting to do it. If you don’t actually want to succeed in the first place, let me tell you know, you need to re-think why are you setting yourself a resolution?… Don’t fail before you’ve already began.

Ok now we’ve cleared that up, that you are here wanting this so so badly for yourself lets get to work!

Here are my top tips, that worked for me through about my weight loss journey and how I managed to succeed, and you can too, applying them to your own resolutions and goals for 2019:

  1. Try to pick just 1-2 things you really want to achieve – don’t make it too generic or stereotypical – for example with wanting to ‘lose weight’, write down what else that goal means to you; whats it really worth to you? Maybe it will make you healthier & fitter, or able to run further, be less lethargic, or perhaps fit in to a dream wedding dress for example?
  2. Plan for success – be methodical and set out exactly how you are going to go about this individual goal. Set measures along the way – having small increments along your entire time frame to measure how you are doing is a great idea as keeps you on track ad motivate to keep at it as you see the results coming to life, on the way to your overall goal.
  3. Be realistic with your goals – sometimes setting yourself a smaller goal is more achievable, than setting yourself up to fail if the goal is too unrealistic. Be reasonable with yourself, and set a good time frame to achieve it in. (Remember it does’t matter how slow you go, as long as you just keep on going!)
  4. Pick a start date in January – Choosing the 1st of Jan, can already be a pitfall, people are still in holiday mode or maybe recovering from the night before. So you might like to choose the 5th of January for example as the day to begin.
  5. Plan small rewards – As you go along your journey have small rewards to acknowledge how well you are doing and be proud of what you are doing. If your goal is to lose weight or get healthy, try not to make these rewards food or alcohol. Have other incentives like a pamper day, get your nails done, have a massage, or maybe its to treat yourself to a new handbag or pair of trainers etc…
  6. Think of a new good habit to over ride this old bad habit you are getting rid of! – Its always a good idea to replace the bad habit with something much better suited to this new you, that way you want automatically slip back in to old habits, but rather be preoccupied with the new task.
  7. Make note of why achieving this will make such a difference on your life and how will it help you –  for me it wasn’t just about weight loss, it was about getting healthy ad being the best version of me. When i started to look beyond just the physical weight, it became more important for me to stay motivated to become my best self – healthier and fitter than i’d ever been.
  8. Just got for it – Stop procrastinating, you know exactly how to start! Just like you learnt to walk, put one foot in front of the other – and bob’s your uncle you’ve started!
  9. Perseverance – Yes this is key! Its your desire to keep on using forward with your goal no matter what. Even if you have a bad day, that does not mean it’s over and you’ve given up! Be persistent – get up tomorrow and carry on!
  10. Develop hand grow our willpower just like a muscle – We were all born with willpower, but strong will power has to be taught and is gained over time, so learn to practice that self control each day!
  11. Maintain positive and happy about why you are doing this! – You know in the long run you will be so happy that you got there in the end, rather than the feeling of giving up and looking back at the time you could have spent keeping on track. Time is going to pass anyway, so don’t waste it! Really believe in yourself, you can do it!
  12. Enlist support of those around you! – Make sure your friends and family and even co-workers know that you are doing this, 110% committed and they should be encouraging you. It can often be hard in the work place, colleagues eating rubbish or going out for cigaret breaks when you have chosen to give these things up. Surround yourself with people that support you, not encourage you to ‘just have one’….
  13. Feed your ambition and starve your fear – Keep up that visualisation of what achieving this goal means to you, and seek out that inner belief and self motivation! Stay attentive and focused!
  14. Make sure you are in charge of your goals and driving it forward – you can’t rely on someone else to make you workout or eat well, at the end of the day you really are the one to answer to! Don’t give up on you and whats important for short term cravings.
  15. Understand your triggers and pitfalls that have let you down in the past – anticipate the hurdles, know your weaknesses and find solutions for them in advance.
  16. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day – Its ok, we are all human, acknowledge it happened, sometimes we do fall down, but its how quickly you get back up that really counts! Don’t get so down about it that you give up – giving up is not an option.

Along with health and fitness resolutions, you may have other goals you want to achieve, like getting a new job, saving for your dream home, doing a round the world trip, learning to speak another language – but whatever it is apply these methods, and be one of the statistics that can look back in 12 months and be proud you got what you wanted this year!

Here’s to a fabulous New Year, may the 12 months ahead bring you health, happiness, love, prosperity and of course success with all you go after!


Carli Jay xx

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