Motivation, willpower and staying on track!

Through my instagram I get a lot of questions to do with motivation, how to stay on track, what keeps me going everyday & how do I find my willpower?  So I thought I’d dedicate this blog to answering some of that! for you all!

  • • Since I committed to this new way of life in 2014 I guess you could say I found my willpower and held on to it for dear-life! Never wanting to let it go! For it was a new way of looking at weight loss – and instead changing that thought process to being healthy and a ‘lifestyle’ with no finish line. It wasn’t about having to see constant changes on the outside but how I felt inside that was more important and that would radiate outwards. We all need to find that trigger and ‘why’ to make us start. But ultimately it has to be an important and personal reason to you. Because if you do this for someone else, or the approval of others, often we can give up. Find why you want this so bad and what it mean to you. For me it was a health scare that kicked my butt in to gear to do something about my health and body once and for all!

  • • If you happen to lose willpower, see it as a mini-break, not quitting – they are 2 very different things! Recharge and reset your goals, find new activities to do, try changing up your foods, mix up your routine so you don’t get board, and most of all remember why you are doing this – always remember what is more important to you in the long run and where you want to head. Picture you and your life in 2, 5 or 10 years time based on how you are acting today?

  • • For me sticking at this journey was about bettering my life, my health and my body everyday, not just about weight and size, but I’m not going to lie that was a massive part of it too – I was a size 26, there’s no hiding it, I loved who I was, but I did need to drop a few dress sizes, it wasn’t good for my health. The important thing was, I wasn’t hating on my self or my size at 127kgs, I was happy going about life obese, but I loved myself enough to be a better healthier version of me – and that is ok to if you want to change things for the right reason.

  • • This is about living the best life I can and finding out how capable I am of so many more things than I once new possible, so I learn to enjoy the full process, i don’t see my lifestyle choice as a chore, but rather as a hobby. I actually learnt to enjoy working out, choosing activities that make me feel good and active rather than like running a marathon. Think back to when you were a child, who did you enjoy? Dancing? Swimming? Ice skating? All of these can help you get moving, and it feels less like a routine gym session if that is not your thing. As you do these things and improve your fitness and start to feel better and full of energy again, you may want to try a new activity every 3 months or so and get out of your comfort zone. Now that you are fitter, you will probably even be better at the new activities than you once through you would, and in turn should enjoy them even more!

  • • And finally for me, the only time I look back is to see how far I’ve come, for instance looking at old pictures of me. So I would highly recommend to take pictures through out your journey and appreciate what you see in the mirror – this is you, and you need to love who are now, because that is the person who is helping you become an even better you. When I look at photos I still see happy smiling old me, but now i am just 100% fitter, stronger, healthier and wiser me!

    • Ultimately I am what keeps me motivated at the end of the day, I see how much everything I am doing is making the best life I can live, my whole lifestyle is more positive, healthier and happier, and that gives me motivation to keep at it! We are here one time only – make t the best you can in the best possible body!

      Carli Jay xx

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