Miss Carli Jay

Strong! in more ways than one.

Carli Jay is  primarily well known for her significant weight loss journey, but along side that, she is a true ambassador for all things that make you live healthier, better and longer, in a confident positive state of mind. This is what she is truly about and lives and breathes this; it’s a way of life, a true Lifestyle.

Carli embarked on a journey to get healthy in 2014 after waking up to a health scare that made her want to change her life and her overall wellbeing.  In doing so she shed half her body weight in 2 years all by herself by changing the way she ate and getting her body moving, but not with out changing her mindset first. To Carli, that was the key element in going from 280lb. to 140lb. all on her own, through pure self belief and inner motivation, using all her will power to get to her goal and keeping it off, changing her life for good.

From this experience Carli has now written about her full transformation journey in to her new autobiography ‘Half the size, but Twice the Life’ due out early 2019, to share all the popular topics on weight loss, health, fitness and motivation, along with all the hurdles that come with a weight loss journey, but also with the solutions too, to help inspire others to change their way of lives, for the long-term.

Carli ultimately believes in being at your best, grabbing life by the horns and making the most of every opportunity to be as happy and healthy as we can possibly be in our life times.

She is an advocate for this in her everyday life and is on a mission to help others to do the same, and for them all to know they really can achieve anything they put their minds to, not just fitness and health related. Life can be limitless and really is what you make it, but you have to create it!

“Health & fitness ambassador, weight loss guru and all round lover of life and positive vibes”

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